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2007 Mesilla Chemistry Workshop

February 4-7, 2007

"Electron Transfer and Molecular Devices"


Gang-yu Liu, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Davis gyliu@ucdavis.edu

George Flynn, Department of Chemistry, Columbia University flynn@chem.columbia.edu


New Mexico State University

Texas Tech University

The Robert Welch Foundation


Theory of Electron Transfer in Molecular Electronics


Mark Hybertsen

George Schatz

Annabella Solonni

Haobin Wang






SPM Investigation of Molecular Electonics


Eric Borguet

Kerry Hipps

Adam Matzger

Sergei Smirnov

Paul S Weiss

Stan Williams








Fabrication and Measurement of Molecular Electronics


Nongjian Tao

Latha Venkataraman




Electron Transfer at Interfaces


Shaowei Chen

Andy Gewirth

Rudy Marcus 

Tobin Marks

Colin Nuckolls

Xiaoyang Zhu








1D and 2D Devices

  Phillip Kim  pk2015@columbia.edu
2/3/07 Saturday  6:30pm - Reception and Dinner at La Pasta

2/4/07 Sunday Meeting Room in Comfort Inn and Suites
8:30 Flynn and liu

Welcome and Introduction

8:40 Bill Hase

History of Mesilla Chemistry Workshop, Coordinating Outdoor Activities

Morning Session Chair, George Flynn

"Electron Transfer In and Among Nanoparticles"

9:00-9:40 Rudy Marcus

Blinking and Other Properties of Quantum Dots

9:40-10:20 Tobin Marks

New Semiconductors and Dielectrics for Unconventional Electronics

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-11:20 Shaowei Chen

Electronic Communication between Redox Moieties on Nanoparticle Surfaces

11:20-12:00 Andy Gewirth

Potential Dependent Structure of Water at the Electrified Solid-Liquid Interface: Relationship to Electron Transfer

12:00-19:00 Lunch, Outdoor Activities, Dinner
Evening Session Chair, Ken Houk

"Electron Transfer and Tunneling at Junctions: Molecule-Electrode Contacts"

19:00-19:40 Latha Venkataraman

Well-Defined Single Molecule Circuits Using Amine-Gold Linkages

19:40-20:20 Mark Hybertsen

Understanding Single Molecule Electrode Contacts: Why do Amine-Gold Linkages Work?

20:20-21:00 Annabella Solonni

Modeling of Molecular Junctions

2/5/07, Monday Meeting Room in Comfort Inn and Suites

Morning Session Chair, Bill Hase
"Fundamental Electron Transfer Process: The Ubiquitous Nature of Tunneling"
8:30-9:10 Xiaoyang Zhu

Watching Polaron Formation in Interfacial Electron Tranfer

9:10-9:50 Kerry Hipps

Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy, Electrochemistry, and Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy -- What is the Connection?

9:50-10:10 Coffee Break
10:10-10:50 Haobing Wang

Theoretical Study of Electron Transfer Reactions in the Condensed Phase

10:50-11:30 Anne Andrews

Developing Nanobiosensors for Neurotransmitters: Assembly, Patterning and Application of Optimally Diluted Biospecific Capture Surfaces

11:30-19:00 Lunch, Outdoor Activities, Dinner
Evening Session Chair, Kerry Hipps

"Electron Transfer and Organization in Reduced Dimension Molecular Systems"

19:00-19:40 Phillip Kim

Electrical Transport in Molecules, Nanotubes and Graphene

19:40-20:20 Adam Matzger

Crystallization in Two-Dimensions

20:20-21:00 David Waldeck

Electron Transfer in Supermolecules and Molecular Assemblies

2/6/07, Tuesday Meeting Room in Comfort Inn and Suites

First Morning Session Chair Haobin Wang
"Patterning of Molecular Devices on Surfaces"
8:30-9:10 George Schatz

Modeling Surface Nanopatterning

9:10-9:50 Colin Nuckolls

Reaction Chemistry Meets Lithography

9:50-10:10 Coffee Break
Second Morning Session Chair George Flynn

 "Tunneling, Electron Transfer and Redox at Interfaces"

10:10-10:50 Nongjian Tao

Electron Transport in Redox Molecules

10:50-11:30 Eric Borguet

Probing the Dynamics of Interfacial Electron Transfer at the Single Molecule Level



Lunch, Outdoor Activities, Dinner

Evening Workshop Dinner at Double Eagle

2/7/07, Wednesday Meeting Room in Comfort Inn and Suites

Morning Session Chair, Gang-yu Liu
"Tunneling, Electron Transfer and Redox at Interfaces"
8:30-9:10 Paul S Weiss

Designing, Measuring and Controlling Molecular-and Supramolecular-Scale Properties for Molecular Devices

9:10-9:50 Stan Williams

Electronic Switching via Redox Reactions

9:50-10:10 Coffee Break
10:10-10:50 Sergei Smirnov

Photoinduced Charge Transfer in Dense Monolayers

11:30 Workshop Concludes