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2012 Mesilla Chemistry Workshop

February 11-15, 2012

"Ligand-Based Control of Spin and Reactivity in Metal Complexes"


Jeremy M. Smith, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, New Mexico State University

Jeffrey R. Long, Department of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

Bill Hase, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Texas Tech University, Lubbock

Meeting Site:

Mesilla Community Center, 2251 Calle de Santiago, Mesilla, New Mexico 




New Mexico State University

Texas Tech University

The Robert Welch Foundation

Stem Chemicals

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry

Columbia Microanalytical

ACS Rio Grande Valley Local Section


Saturday (Feb. 11)

Reception/Dinner - La Posta

Sunday Morning
Session Chair: James McCusker

Energy-Relevant Chemistry

8:30 Long/Smith


8:45 William Hase


9:00 Daniel Nocera

The Artificial Leaf

9:30 Curtis Berlinguette

Exploiting Coordination Chemistry to Extend the Warranty of Dye-Sensitized Solar Sells

10:00 Coffee

10:20 Christopher Chang

Molecular Catalysts for Generating Hydrogen from Water

10:50 Shunichi Fukuzumi

Artificial Photosynthesis for Fuel Production

11:20 Nilay Hazari

Understanding the Insertion of Carbon Dioxide into Late Transition Metal Bonds

11:50 Louise Berben

Redox Reactions of Aluminium(III) Complexes: From C-H to CO2 Activation

12:20-7pm Lunch/Break/Dinner

Sunday Evening
Session Chair: Kim Dunbar

Polymetallic Clusters

7:00 Sally Brooker

Controlled Access to Magnetically Interesting Polymettalic Complexes via Designer Polydentate and Macrocyclic Ligands

7:30 Jeffrey Long

Applications of Coordination Chemistry in the Synthesis of Single-Molecule Magnets

8:00 Theodore Betley

Driving Small Molecule Activation at Polynuclear Reaction Sites

8:30 Catalina Achim

Spin Transitions in Fe-Containing, Polynuclear Complexes

Monday Morning
Session Chair: Jeremy Smith

Controlling Spin

8:30 Thomas Cundari

Spin States and Transition Metal Catalyst Modeling

9:00 Song Gao

Control of Uniaxial Anisotropy to Single-Ion Magnet

9:30 Santiago Alvarez

Spin-State Controlled Trigonal Twist of Six-Coordinate Transition Metals

10:00 Coffee

10:20 Michael Hall

Computational Issues with Spin States, Metal vs. Ligand Reactivity, and Non-Innocent Ligands

10:50 Martin Kirk

New Insights into Ligand Control of Spin Delocalization

11:20 James McCusker

Zero-Field Spin Polarization Effects on Excited-State Dynamics

11:50 Jason Keith

Mechanistic Insight and Spin Considerations of O2 Insertion in to Metal Hydride Bonds

12:20-7pm Lunch/Break/Dinner

Monday Evening
Session Chair: Jeffrey Long

Lanthanides and Actinides

7pm William Evans

The Importance of Ligands on Stabilizing Low Oxidation States vs Small Molecule Reduction Products in Complexes of the f Elements and Related Metals

7:30 Polly Arnold

f-Block Cation Coupling: Bridge Manipulation via Small Molecule Binding and Uranyl Oxo-Group Functionalisation

8:00 Annie Powell

Ligand-Based Control over Nuclearity and Spin Topology in Dysprosium Coordination Clusters

8:30 Karsten Mayer

Small Molecule Activation at Reactive Uranium Complexes

Tuesday Morning
Session Chair: Shunichi Fukuzumi

Organometallic Chemistry

8:30 Liviu Mirica

Stable Pd(III) and Pd(IV) Complexes Supported by Tetradentate Ligands and their C-C Bond Formation Reactivity

9:00 Muralee Murugesu

An Organometallic Approach to Single-Molecule Magnets

9:30 Matthew Shores

Ligand Tuning of Magnetic Properties in Metal Alkynyl Complexes

10:00 Coffee

10:20 Daniel Mindiola

Dehydrogenation Reactions Involving Volatile Paraffins

10:50 Joshua Figueroa

Unsaturated Metal Isocyanides

11:20 Wesley Bernskoetter

Mechanistic Considerations of C-C Bond Elimination at Strong Field Cobalt

11:50 Jamal Musaev

Mechanistic Insights to Tetra-Bridged Dirhodium and Diruthenium Catalyzed Selective C-H Bond Amination

12:20-7pm Lunch/Break

Tuesday Evening:

Workshop Dinner - Double Eagle Restaurant

Session Chair: Martin Kirk

Bioinorganic Chemistry

8:30 Nicolai Lehnert

Iron-Nitroxyl Complexes as Intermediates in Nitric Oxide Reductases

9:00 Theodor Agapie

Synthetic Models of the Oxygen Evolving Complex of Photosystem II

9:30 Wonwoo Nam

Biomimetic Metal-Oxygen Intermediates in Dioxygen Activation Chemistry

10:00 Coffee

Session Chair: Chris Chang

New Coordination Chemistry

10:20 Holger Braunschweig

Metal Boron Complexes

10:50 Mircea Dinca

Metal-Organic Frameworks as Solid-State Matrices: Creating Unusual Metal Coordination Environments from Commonplace Ligands

11:20 Jeremy Smith

Nitrogen Atom Transfer from High Valent Iron

11:50 Kim Dunbar

Magnets and Conductors: The Role of Coordination Chemistry in Modern Materials Chemistry

12:20 Jeffrey Long / Jeremy Smith

Concluding Remarks