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1997 Workshop, "Comparisons of Classical and Quantum Dynamics"

1998 Workshop, "Recent Advances and Applications of Statistical Theories to
                           Dynamics, Kinetics, and Structures"

1999 Workshop, "Structures, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics of Interfaces"

2000 Workshop, "Dynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions"

2001 Workshop, "Structure and Dynamics of Biomembranes"

2002 Workshop, "Asymmetric Catalysis"

2003 Workshop, "Environmental Chemistry at Interfaces - Insights from a Molecular

2004 Workshop, "The Chemistry of NO in Biological Signaling"

2005 Workshop, "Tex-Mex Theoretical and Computational Chemistry"

2006 Workshop, "Organometallic Complexes: Energetics - Solvation - Reactions"

2007 Workshop, "Electron Transfer and Molecular Devices"

2008 Workshop, "New Frontiers of Electrocatalysis"

2009 Workshop, "Multi-Scale Modeling of Biological Molecules"

2010 Workshop, "Electronic Non-Adiabatic Dynamics"

2011 Workshop, "Aromatic Interactions in Chemistry & Biology"

2012 Workshop, "Ligand-Based Control of Spin and Reactivity in Metal Complexes"

2013 Workshop, "Dynamics for Chemical Reaction Pathways.
                           Role of Non-Statistical Effects"

2014 Workshop, "Tribute to Sally Chapman: Studies of the Chemical Dynamics
                           of Energy Transfer and Chemical Reactions"

2015 Workshop, "Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions:
                           From the Gas Phase and Towards Solution"

2016 Workshop, "Electrochemical Processes:Photovoltaics and Charge Transfer in Naomaterials"

2017 Workshop, "Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids"

2018 Workshop, "Interplay between Theory and Experiment in Nanocatalysis"