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1997 Workshop, "Comparisons of Classical and Quantum Dynamics"

1998 Workshop, "Recent Advances and Applications of Statistical Theories to
                           Dynamics, Kinetics, and Structures "

1999 Workshop, "Structures, Dynamics, and Thermodynamics of Interfaces"

2000 Workshop, "Dynamics of Enzyme-Catalyzed Reactions"

2001 Workshop, "Structure and Dynamics of Biomembranes"

2002 Workshop, "Asymmetric Catalysis"

2003 Workshop, "Environmental Chemistry at Interfaces - Insights from a Molecular
                           Perspective "

2004 Workshop, "The Chemistry of NO in Biological Signaling"

2005 Workshop, "Tex-Mex Theoretical and Computational Chemistry"

2006 Workshop, "Organometallic Complexes: Energetics - Solvation - Reactions"

2007 Workshop, "Electron Transfer and Molecular Devices"

2008 Workshop, “New Frontiers of Electrocatalysis”

2009 Workshop, “Multi-Scale Modeling of Biological Molecules”

2010 Workshop, “Electronic Non-Adiabatic Dynamics”

2011 Workshop, “Aromatic Interactions in Chemistry & Biology”

2012 Workshop, “Ligand-Based Control of Spin and Reactivity in Metal Complexes”

2013 Workshop, "Dynamics for Chemical Reaction Pathways.
                           Role of Non-Statistical Effects"

2014 Workshop, "Tribute to Sally Chapman: Studies of the Chemical Dynamics
                           of Energy Transfer and Chemical Reactions "

2015 Workshop, "Isolated Biomolecules and Biomolecular Interactions:
                           From the Gas Phase and Towards Solution"

2016 Workshop, "Electrochemical Processes:Photovoltaics and Charge Transfer
                           in Nanomaterials "

2017 Workshop, "Mass Spectrometry of Nucleic Acids "