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VENUS is a general chemical dynamics computer program

Venus 2005 version is still in testing.

VENUS Manual (html, postcript, MS word)

VENUS License-Agreement

VENUS Sample Input Data Sets (Venus2005 and Venus96)

VENUS Web Interface

It used the web form to help remote user compose the input data in web browser without reading the manual and run it directly through web browser after composing the input data.

VENUS Future Project -- VENUS Data Preprocessing (VDP)

1. Separate the coupling between read statement and source code

2. It is able to perform error checking and enhance debugging utility in the code

3. It will reduce the size of input data file up to 70% for big system

4. More portable over the platforms and compilers

5. Organize sequence and parallel code in one package

6. Reduce the testing effort since new source code will be compactable with old input data sets

7. The content of input data file is in human readable format.